Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Imagi:NATIVE Adventures of Dee Jae Pa' Este!

02.11.2012 – When you talk about urban pop art and graffiti there’s a lot of talents that come up. For any artist out there one name never escapes me -- Meet the artist named Dee Jae Pa’ Este. It’s been five months since getting introduced to his robotic style works of art.

Dee Jae Pa’ Este has been doing live art since he had an exhibit in September 2011 at Vinyl on Vinyl. Ever since then his stay to the Philippines has been extended to becoming one of Manila’s resident artist around making a name in the urban pop culture scene.

Recently you’ll get to see him on Tuesday nights at Kyss Lounge in Makati City.

His imagination has evolved by leaps and bounds that last night was something extraordinary. The highlight of last night’s J Dilla: The Tribute to the Life and Sound held at M Café was his live art of the man they held a special event.

It only took him less than three hours to make J Dilla’s art work but the wait golden to witness how it was made. In-between talking to people and having a good drink Dee Jae was chillin’ with the individuals who follow his work and I’m one of them who rarely made the time to hang out to how he’s been. He’s been around the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo but the Philippines is his current home base right now churning out unbelievable and imaginative creations.

If you are interested about his works he is also selling some of them as well as doing commissions work for the right price with a smile. So if you want to Dee Jae Pa’ Este work check out Kyss Lounge in Makati Tuesday nights.

For more about Dee Jae Pa’ Este and his works LIKE his Facebook Page Imagi:NATIVES Art & Sound Sessions or see his past art at his official website’s gallery page.

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