Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Getaway at Playa Laiya!

05.30.2013 – Playa Laiya is one of the resorts in Batangas City and I had the privilege to travel and just enjoy the last days of summer. I was actually having second thoughts of joining in because I’m not a beach person.

I enjoy most of the times in the province at home and just being a lazy oaf. But this trip has given me something which is a new perspective with the appreciation for water sports. But it didn’t get into the interest until probably towards the end of the day where most of my time was just dozing off at a bean bag nearby the beach.

The travel of course started past 8 AM as I was the last one to arrive at the meet up point where the van will pick up the rest of the invited media. I haven’t slept in the last 24 hours as I’ve been busy with work.

It never occurred to me that my work load online has become something from my call center days. So I realize I need a getaway from that entire mundane task what has become a routine lately. I guess this might be the unexpected moment where I head to some place I have not gone to which was Playa Laiya.

The last time I walked along the shoreline was at a province in Davao last year but since it was ravaged by the heavy typhoon Pablo last December 2012 things are not the same.

So it’s been a while to find reflection in a place I have not been and it was a great one to see the beach again. White sands and plenty of fun activities lined up for the trip but I only went to two adventures which occasionally can be boring for some but for me the later was a first time moment though I never had a photo doing it.

Playa Laiya is becoming one of the tourist destinations for those who just want to get away from the city but doesn’t need to travel by plane. It’s just an out of town trip to a good resort that would just calm your stress away from work.

Most of my time while everyone was away I spent dipping in the pool and getting some shut eye beside that great view until rain started to wake me up and run for a safer spot.

Travelling here would only take you less than three hours taking the expressways and the Landco Pacific Corporation has done an amazing job revitalizing Playa Laiya in becoming a world-class resort. The Jet Ski experience really got me there before ending the day and saying goodbye to that white hot sand beach.

Besides sleeping in the bean bag I wasn’t entirely useless but I noticed some of the spots of the resort gave me an idea for my hobby in toy photography which I’m sure you might come across some of them online having the place as a backdrop.

Truly this is the best way to end the summer and I’m pretty much enjoying the sun, sea, and definitely the Jet Ski even without having a photo riding it.

Probably I’ll be back here for next summer with more enthusiasm and well rested to go.

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