Friday, May 31, 2013

Kids at Heart in Mini-Komikon!

05.31.2013 – The month of May has come to an end and I was really swamped with online work not to mention updating blogs that has started to pile up.

Reality bites after coming back from a road trip seeing Playa Laiya last Saturday.

Too many things to do so little time for someone who just enjoys what he does best which is enjoying the scenery and blogging not to mention an online work.

I get to catch up with friends in the local comic book industry who were part of the event for Museo Pambata who held a two day Little Lit Festival.

This was organized by Visprint and Komikon Inc. that brought in local talents, illustrators and publishers from the comics industry. I had the opportunity to hang out with friends enjoying a free corndog, snow cone, nachos and missing out the cotton candy with literal long lines.

The event was geared for the kids getting copies of Robert Magnuson’s Kuting Magiting which probably will be having a third print since I missed getting a copy when it launched last April’s Summer Komikon.

Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo were at their table meeting friends promoting the upcoming Trese book to be launch in November.

There were so many Filipino-made comics at the Mini-Komikon but never got to buy anything just having second rounds of Nachos and Snow Cone was enough to pass the time until we realize it was 7 PM.

The next thing we know everyone was dismantling their booths and we were about to board our ride going home.

I had a great time though and can’t wait for another komiks related event the local scene is starting to be interested reading Filipino-made works. But it won’t happen until probably August for Komikon Indieket.

Now I’m missing summer already.

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