Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Get Violently WASTED!

05.06.2013 – The much awaited reprint compilation Wasted has finally been released officially in the recent Summer Komikon at the Bayanihan Center last April 13th. It compiles the original print run, special editions as well as the ones from Pulp Magazine.

Wasted is a slice of life story of Eric a broken hearted man full of anger and hate which every guy can relate in going through failures of relationships.

Gerry said that some of the stories in this book were based on his personal life and most of us can agree with that same situation too.

I first met Gerry Alanguilan back in the days when Whilce Portacio was promoting Stone which is published by Avalon Studios. It was one of the first comic books that were made in the Philippines that introduced me to Gerry who was the inker.

That was the time I found about Comic Odyssey at the old wing of Robinsons Ermita in Manila where the store was helping the promotion of this Image released comic book with the elements of Filipino folklore. Before there was social media like Facebook and Twitter I used to exchange emails with him since he’s based in Laguna.

I remember for a time Stone was heavily promoted that they have tours and the second time we met was during the signing event at Philippine Women’s University which I had the chance to do coverage for my website which used to be at Geocities.

I didn’t know anything about Gerry outside of Stone during that time that I came across the Pulp Magazine prints of Wasted that I got curious regarding the character. There was previous independent release of the book under Deranged Comics and online stories at the Wasted Online blog. But I never had the chance to acquire the first prints and to really appreciate Gerry’s creation.

Gerry has been known for being the man inking works for Leinil Yu and other well-known artists in the comic book industry. The only other works I get to know Gerry was through his self-published material like “When Bold Stars Go To Die” which he wrote that featured the art of Arlan Esmena and the critically acclaimed award winning and Eisner Award nominee in ELMER that I have consistently followed the original release.

When Wasted was announced to be released at Summer Komikon 2013 with a new print I didn't hesitate to pick up a copy but never got the chance to see Gerry in his table since I was sort of “baby sitting” Singaporean guests who were also my friends that I missed some of the major highlights of the event on the main stage.

Honestly I haven’t read the entire book and just got to one third of its content. Its highly violent and emotional material not suited for some who doesn't have the courage to appreciate the sheer brutality of Eric going through not accepting his fate.

Comics Cube would definitely give this a better review and for someone who just recently started to appreciate local comics IT IS one of the reasons why the Philippine Komiks industry is growing. We have delved so much into reading international comics that we should also appreciate original Filipino material.

I finally got to see Gerry again over the weekend during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Fully Booked where Comic Odyssey has teamed up to celebrate this annual event. He was one of the guest artists who was signing and doing sketch at his table and at the same time selling copies of the new print release of Wasted. He got to sign my copy and he was jokingly made threats that he will leave immediately.

Ed Tadeo another local artist who’s currently doing Bionic Man for Dynamite Entertainment and longtime acquaintance in the Filipino comic book industry was Gerry’s accomplice who nitpicks on the proof of purchase receipt that was attached to the copy of my Wasted book.

I got really entertained having a good laugh with these two artists since there was no one standing in line behind me other than the long line that formed beside me since Manix Abrera was seated next to Gerry.

He signed my copy that I never expected for him to do a small sketch of the character which I thought was a chicken… It’s been a while since I had something for Gerry to sign since I've known him for so long. The last time was when the fourth issue and final of ELMER came out and that was centuries ago. So I got accustomed to him signing and making a sketch of a chicken which turns out to be the face of Eric that emotionally charged tragic hero from Wasted.

Imagine a “Wasted Chicken?” but Gerry got me on this one because Eric’s hair looks like a rooster’s mooring. But it’s all good to finally see him at FCBD along with close friends in the industry who participated at Fully Booked.

Overall Wasted is simply a classic slice of life graphic novel that most of the guys can relate but not that too violent to the point of killing and maiming people. Gerry didn't make any changes in this book as to preserve the story that made this series popular.

It was Gerry’s first independent book that is “Not Suggested for Immature Readers. That means YOU.” It’s the blurb at the lower right back corner of the book.

Wasted is now available at Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria for PhP 250.00 pesos.

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