Tuesday, July 10, 2012

He Was the Last Laugh to Go... Dolphy. (1928-2012)

07.10.2012 – There where several instances or a chance I have seen Dolphy in public places. He is a very simple loving and humble man who ever lived life to the fullest. He inspired and made everyone forget our daily drama through his craft as an actor.

He is indeed the King of Comedy of the Philippines but mostly Dolphy would scoff being addressed as one. His mere presence gives you a clear blue sky filled with a gleaming smile that makes every Filipino proud to be his fan. For all the awards and recognition he has received his statement was that he didn’t make it to the top alone.

His humble demeanor is an inspiration to everyone to live a happy life. There was John n’Marsha that became part of the Philippines popular culture. His tandem with the late Panchito Alba is the original partnership that can never be re-created now both actors maybe staging a huge reunion in the heavens above.

Dolphy has a huge impact to every Filipino from all walks of life and he has a big heart in helping people he had met along the way. He is a personal inspiration and his traits for being a comedian is a Quizon DNA to his children when I first saw Zia Quizon performed on the RX Concert Series last year. She was bubbly and her timing is impeccable being the youngest daughter of Dolphy from Zsa Zsa Padilla. Her humor comes naturally coming from a large family.

The only chance I have finally seen Dolphy closely was during the press conference of his last TV show on TV5 titled Pidol’s Wonderland in 2010. This was a rare opportunity for me to finally see the man I know as John Puruntong on the aforementioned classic TV show. He has so many memorable characters but Dolphy’s John Purontong would be my first recall when his name comes up.

Everyone views him as their uncle, father and friend but I personally view him as my Grand Father. I never grew up seeing both of my Grand Fathers and ever since I started growing up Dolphy was my TV Grand Father. When news broke about his death I felt under the weather since earlier that night and it started to pour like the heavens cried.

Some people would say they are envious of me having a photo of Dolphy. But just like the late King of Comedy I would say humbly that there’s nothing to be envious about. Because we all have a fair share of chance to have seen him in public and laughed at his TV shows and movies.

The opportunity to have the chance to get up close seeing him make everyone laugh that night during the press conference was priceless. He was larger than life but once you get to see him speak he’s just another jolly person in the room.

If the mock TV commercial of Banayad Whiskey from the movie Father & Son won’t make you forget that he died today then his son Eric Quizon was right on his statement when he announced his death… “Pray for his eternal repose and in his honor, please smile at the person standing next to you. Heaven is a happier place with him there. And for us he's left behind, comedy's dead, but long live comedy.

Everyone from all over the Philippines is mourning for his loss but as what Dolphy himself has said all you need is rewind and press play we will be together again with a hearty laugh.

For now I’m laughing at his skits and punch lines but deep inside I’m hurting inside like everyone is still feeling Dolphy’s passing.

You will be missed sir you have made us proud never forget to SMILE.

Thank You.

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