Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meeting up with Youtube Sensation -- Mikey Bustos!

12.21.2011 – Early this morning Mikey Bustos made his radio tour to promote his arrival here in the Philippines. The Youtube sensation was ecstatic about celebrating his first holiday season in the country and he’s been here since Thursday (December 15, 2011) last week.

Mikey Bustos became famous with his Filipino Tutorial series of videos on his YT Channel and the rest was history. This was followed by becoming the image ambassador for “Chicharon ni Mang Juan.”

An advocate vegan Mikey is all about being healthy and has appeared in the cable channel The Animal Planet.

For the past few days it had been a rollercoaster ride just hanging around Metrowalk or getting lost at the Robinson’s Supermarket with Frank McCormick.

His last stop for the radio tour culminated at the Best Music on the Planet – 99.5RT! I caught up with Mikey and his country manager Jason at the booth where Ron Valentine’s show, The Revolver was airing earlier. Actually I was earlier and surprised that Sam and Gibb’s show ended at 9AM and I thought I missed his radio tour.

Eventually it turns out I was earlier and I thought I was about to leave the station when Jason (his country manager) came in by 9:45AM and saw Mikey outside still trying to adjust to the Philippine time. He still recovering from jetlag but that didn’t stop him from being accommodating.

Finally! I have met the man who had made everyone laugh with his humor and educating us about the Filipino pop culture. This could be Mikey’s time on the rise riding the popularity of his Filipino Tutorials. I even joined his Samsung Galaxy Tab last October just to promote his growing popularity among his viewers which is growing every day.

This will be Mikey’s first time to spend Christmas in the Philippines and certainly an exciting time with his family.

You can catch Mikey Bustos on his YouTube Channel just subscribe or LIKE his Official Facebook Page! Don’t forget to follow him also on twitter!

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