Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Korean Fencer Refused "Medal Consolation."

08.01.2012 – Some games are worth winning and there are times you just have to walk away and fight another day. But for this Korean fencer who never got her chance due to a faulty clock it felt unfair to be robbed of your hard work. There have been many controversies in the Olympics in the past that tends to repeat to this day under different circumstances.

This was a very sad story for Korea’s skilful fencer when she lost the gold medal round against a German athlete due to that faulty issue with the clock.

This should be looked over for a rematch but then again there’s a very slim chance she would get back win this again… It’s a not-so good day but there’s a report that the same Korean athlete will compete in the fencing team that will give her the chance as reported from Yahoo! Sports…

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