Friday, December 30, 2011

Personal Highlight of 2011: The Travel To Korea!

12.30.2011 – In the span of a decade I have travelled less and have only seen the surface in my trips to selected countries in Asia. The year 2011 was very fortunate to me being able to explore another place in Korea.

For 18 days I’ve shared enough photos and videos than anyone could brag that they made it to the city of Seoul which has not entirely shared the essence of being there.

For anyone who I’ve seen and told that they are in Seoul that’s the not the only place in Korea for you to see. I’ve been to Busan and live to tell little places where you can find all Filipinos who hang out.

I’ve gone to downtown and seen the Wall Painted Village in Dongpirang and trekked the Ropeway on top of Mount Meriuk.

In those days I have experienced how to live and commute which was a learning experience comparing to how disciplined people there than in the Philippines. How the word “discipline” is emphasized with such meaning that reflects how their country has flourished.

The Korea trip by far is the best thing that happened which took me places no other traveler has ever seen. Its sums up if you combined all the blog events that I missed this one were something there’s no exclusive invitation. You can’t just travel to Korea without a visa going there and some said they are going to Europe or some parts of Asia which never happened.

There were some memorable images of this great country that hardly appreciated that I definitely made sure everyone gets to see. Every day was a new experience and a breath of cold breeze in the most southern part of Korea.

Who could not forget walking back and forth via the undersea tunnel and live to tell its rich history? Of course some won’t care but someone like me I’m here to share you what the best place to go. Because that’s how global travelers do we share and not say I made to Korea.

I’ve been to Hong Kong twice in 1999 and 2000 which hoping to return and share you the experience in my own perspective. During that time Disneyland was still being planned to be built. I’ve seen Singapore in 2009 which was the first time I traveled alone and gave me the view of a first time traveler. The Universal Studious wasn’t opened at that time. This time Korea in 2011 I experience the full extent of not just being a traveler but a resident for 18 days.

So what’s next place to travel? I guess we’ll never know as 2012 is fast approaching to find out what’s in store for us. I’m hoping to return to Korea but hopefully in a different part this time to explore because there’s so many places to visit and it’s not just the city of Seoul.

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