Friday, June 3, 2011

Ready For The Emerald Light.

06.03.2011 - Its been weeks but its all good I had time to check some interesting stuff friends gave me from last month of May.

Later tonight is gonna be cool as Warner Bros. Philippines and Krispy Kreme with Ayala Malls in promoting the upcoming Green Lantern movie by lighting up the Glorietta Activity Park dubbed the "Green Zone".
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The ring was awesome thanks to Pop Culture Crusader's Timzster for hooking me up, which he gave me during Fully Booked's Free Comic Book Day.

Bought the latest shirt of course at SM Makati a their Teens Wear section at the 2nd level, where other pop culture licenseced shirts are sold. But their latest promo right now is you buy a Green Lantern shirt your entitled to scratch one card. If your luck you get one screen pass to see the upcoming movie.

If you haven't seen this shirt before maybe a few details would help you out...

Overall the Green Lantern movie promotion is in full swing. The toys has been seen since late April now the merchandising keeps on churning up before its release on June 16, 2011 which opens across the Philippines.

No time but the best to check the Glorietta Active Park at night and power up your ring.

Feel the power of the Green Lantern's might!

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