Monday, May 30, 2011

adidas Basketball: Team Signature to Crazy Light!

05.30.2011 - It wasn't a fluke but it was definitely a blessing. If you work hard for it without stepping everyone's toes you'll get there.

Close friends will be there to support you being unselfish. Its how the way of things to live by that brings the best of everyone, but not one individual.

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All you have to do it show real dedication, and you'll get there.

Yesterday was the most tiring Sunday and it was raining. The weather was not that hostile its just not the situation we'd hope for. though through thick and thin making up for lost time was everything worth it.

I played the game again as the most boring sixth or seventh man, but its worth the trip. Because I signed up to play without any questions or expectations. The pair of sneakers was already given, and for me the experience learning from it shows that your not getting any younger.

Basically not entirely out of shape, but surely it gave me one of the things I wish I could have honed my talents to when I was younger.

Last year the adidas launch for their basketball product like the TS Heat Check was not that bigger until I got to the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center. It was festive and all the basketball athletes from collegiate to professional was there.

I don't know any single one of them, since I don't follow much of the games locally. Forgive me for being not into it I'm casually an NBA viewer, but every now and then I try to familiarize myself with the locals.

So how light is these new pair? Its like running on barefoot. I don't feel like wearing a pair of basketball shoes.

Certainly adidas is really trying to make a point here. Though it won't be out in all adidas shops until June 3rd.

Its now even having a second pair of adidas basketball shoes to add a variety to the growing small collection of kicks. Its all good. Like I said the shoes are a plus. The fun time among good friends was even more memorable playing.

Nope. There where no uniforms lost this year since there was not a uniform given only a basketball jersey.

I assume everyone had a pair without having to decline playing the game.

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