Monday, March 14, 2011

A View of the Road Travels in Korea.

03.14.2011 - Road travel from Busan to the city of Tongyeong took four hours to get there.

I slept mostly after a cab ride to a limousine, which is actually a bus to another cab.

The weather is not that cold in the mid-day, and i'm still trying to get familiarize with the place.

SAMHO a huge ship yard located at Donam-dong and Kyungsangham in Tongyeoung is one of Korea's industrial business area. Seeing these massive ships being assembled like LEGO is quite astonishing.

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Though not familiar with naval technology, and how the current state of the art has made these ships sophisticated.

Not to bore you with random gibberish unfamiliar to anyone who's not familiar what I'm talking about check out these images during the road trip using the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS...

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