Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake Wrecks Havoc in Ibaraki!

03.11.2011 - Terrible things happen for a reason we can not control. Earlier today there was a huge earthquak that struck some parts of Japan. One of these places where Ibaraki (pictured) a prefecture as posted by a relative who lives Japan. We are pleased to hear that everyone is safe and currently moving to a safe evacuation area.

There was an announcement a Tsunami is set to hit key cities in countries nearby Japan and this includes the Philippines.

News on the wire online and on television has been bringing you the news.

If you have relatives in Japan, the DFA has a hotline you can call for anything related to the earthquake: 028344646.

Special thanks to Francesca and Gino of Monster Radio RX93.1 for announcing the helpful details.

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