Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Tower at Venice Piazza.

02.05.2011 - A long day must have gone by until the early evening. I was about to head to McKinley Hill, but traffic halted for two hours. Unexplored and unfamiliar place Venice Piazza has become a new hub for everyone who's nearby.

Its rarely I go to this place either for events related blogging or for personal reason why I was there last night.
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After I was done with my personal errands I went and chill out for an hour at the Venice Piazza. I was unaware that it was also the 2nd day of the month long celebration of the Phillipine International Jazz Festival.

I stayed for an hour set performance of Cubanilla one of the well known Samba groups. Its been a while since I went to a jazz performance, and the last time I saw Cubanilla performed on stage was in last year's Arts and Music Festival. They had quite a perfomance that night, but I wasn't entirely there for the festivities. I was just there to chill and relax catching a few snaps from my Canon PowerShot SX210 IS digital camera.

What makes Venice Piazza extravagant and attractive is the lone tower structure, that has a bright lights design covering the shape of the tower. From a far you'll never miss it if your going down the road at McKinley Hill.

A Vert-O-Rama snap of this photo defined its infrastructure, and quite a nice piece of concrete engineering...

If you ever at McKinley Hill you should thank Megaworld for building this tower. If your so fascinated in capturing its interesting beauty then you know what I'm talking about.

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