Sunday, February 6, 2011

Night Test Drive with the Canon EOS 60D!

02.06.2011 - Last Friday night at Wingman I was test driving the Canon EOS 60D using its 18-135mm kit lens. For someone who has been using a point & shoot camera this one has given me a serious work out.

Not only to study its difference from the previous cameras I've been accustomed, but to also be able to handle its sheer weight.
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The EOS 60D is not your usual paper weight, but it gave me a different perspective using a D-SLR, my first.

Carrying it was already something for me to be aware. Just like my old Canon Power Shot S5iS I have to be familair again carrying a bigger and much more heavier camera. All the stuff I learned from taking photos using point and shoot cameras has been thrown out of the window. Though I'm still going carry the Canon Power Shot SX210 IS as the primary for minor events, but when it comes to special ones its going to be its main use.

I know its going to be a nitpick for everyone here that I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the EOS 60D and some fo the photos are not that pleasant.

You can check all the test shots right now...

The handling of a Stealth Bomber and the precision and helft of the Abrams Tank would summarize the experience of carrying the Canon EOS 60D. Something worth learning just like photography when I was nine back time.

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