Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Adventure at Eden Nature Park!

01.09.2011 - A few more days of stay in Davao City feels like being here forever. Though that won't be a boredome case. A few people are not aware how the biggest city in Philippines should be given a spotlight on its own.

Lately Manila is starting to be congested in my perspective. Too much attraction that traffic back home is far worse in everyone's mind who wants to get away from it.

A good sunday drive to the Eden Nature Park & Resort here in Davao city should be something new to see.

I've seen pictures of this place but I didn't know what it was called until I got there with my cousins and friends.
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Early morning trip felt like I should bring something aside from my camera. Totally unexpected that I could have done at least one Toy Photography shot at this place, but probably that would happen next time perhaps. The road traveling to Eden Nature Park & Resort doesn't take hours or get jammed in traffic. Its probably the most toured place in Davao city.

Its not just a nature park for the rain forest or a resort for travelers, but its also a place of fun where they have their own zip line. Its located up top in a mountain reserve, where you can see the over looking metropolis of Davao city.

This place can be compared to Tagaytay when going to this place my ears pop out. Its a place to relax and to distress from the the urban jungle. There are animals can be found in this place, but mostly the rare kind of birds housed in giant cages can be seen here.

The tour covered the whole grounds of the Eden Nature Park, where we get to see cottages and the man-made rain forest. This place is great for hiking and being part of nature itself. A suitable workout for everyone who yearns for the great outddors. Definitely a place to come back and just be one with nature.

I certainly enjoy the walk and there's so much to explore at Eden Nature Park & Resorts.
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