Monday, January 10, 2011

The First Imperfect Panorama Toy Photography!

01.10.2011 - There are many versions, concepts, and imaginations done in Toy Photography.

Indoors or outdoors capturing one toy subject in one shot could mean a lot of expressions.

I've been doing Toy Photography since 2007 and had been pushing the envelope of an imaginitive perspective to the next level.
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Thanks in part to the legendary Mach "Diesel" Manuel for making me realize how something I've been doing (namely photography), since I was nine would have its artistic use for the modern times.

Mach has been doing Toy Photography long before I had thought about it. If I can recall he used to do stop motion animation too back in 2001. Talk about dedication, passion and originality he deserves more than a pat in the back.

Honestly nobody does it like Mach Diesel, and people kept believing an overweight hippopatamus drowning in mud would be a photography.

I've done 365 Days of Toy Photography, and most of it was outdoors without any effects or renders from any photo editing software. Do you think I have a well rounded resume because I didn't use a D-SLR to capture them?

Truth is I only joined onbe Toy Photography contest, which is faily odd confusing with the rules. Because I don't aim to be noticed regarding what I do. The challenge me and Mach had was pure fun, which there what lies the passion we strive to do for ourselves.
Its not about being noticed or being famous, because we don't need it and some dinosaur would just be choking right now if one needed.

For sometime after doing a lot of Toy Photography you just get down and be lazy. But that doesn't stop me for creating or re-inventing things that has been done. So far I have seen it all and definitely I'm ready for the next level.

So far the D-SLR camera I've been wanting has to wait, and would stick to my skills in using a point & shoot.

Besides using a p&s camera is a dying art for those, who want to ride the hype of using a D-SLR camera for more precision photography.As they say the eye is the one that captures the perspective and the camera is just the extention of what we see.

Yeah. You can say that if your a natural, and I've been doing photography to admit without any proper training.

Its takes a long time to have what it takes to have a good perspective, and if you want to venture in this hobby you have to start small. Then work you way up with the necessary skills you have applied.

So without further adieu I present you my imperfection on one experiment, whether you want to laugh about it or not...

Take it to the next level? Its imperfect but surely it will definitely be a challenge. But you've seen it first here and that's how your cookie hype crumbles.

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