Friday, November 12, 2010

Coca-Cola & Araneta Center Lights up Giant Christmas Tree!

11.12.2010 - If you haven't felt the Christmas breeze then maybe you should. Early today Araneta Center in cooperation with The Coca-Cola Caravan celebrated the night away by giving us the Giant Tree Lighting at the parking lot grounds beside the Big Dome.

The festivities started with a parade before going to the main show at night time.
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As the crowd roared in sheer delight the event was quite the biggest attraction nearby the Gateway Mall.

I guess it goes to show you that this event is star studded extravagant. Unlimited Coca-Cola sodas where served, and not only that they have interactive booths. This is where you take photos with your favorite locla celebrities namely the cast of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition with the latest endorsers --Kim Chu and Enchong Dee!

There where also fun and games in selective booths, where you can take home a Coca-Cola shirt. Of course to get to join you have to register at the booth. They will hand you yellow stubs for food, drinks, and a Coke Christ sack which contains candies. There was even a Cotton Candy booth for those sweet tooth.

The program did not start until 7PM with Kitchie Nadal opening four songs, which include the current Coca-Cola Christmas Jingle.

Pretty much the most glittering crowd of ensemble that includes Mayor Herbet Baustista, Beauty Pageants that includes 4th Runner-up to the Ms. Universe Venus Raj. The event was hosted by FM radio jocks Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper. They introduced the hottest celebrities Kim Chu and Enchong Dee, who led the younger celebrities on stage.

But before they went over to present the biggest event that everyone is waiting for. They showed the latest Coca-Cola campaign TVC, which also featured a funny scene with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill on the huge monitor.

After the main hosts took over they asked the Coca-Cola heads together with Mayor Herbert Bautista and his constiuents to lead the light of the Giant Christmas Tree. As you all know Ayala Center has begun this tradition since 1981, and they still continue to light the night every Holiday season.

what's more fun to celebrate the lighting the Giant Christmas Tree with a bottle of Coke in one hand while capturing the moment on video with a couple of photos so to speak.

Araneta Center looks brighter now at night with the Giant Christmas Tree. If you happen to pass by check it out which is located at the side of the Big Dome surely you won't miss it.

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