Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aquarium Sensation.

07.31.2010 - The Manila Ocean Park tour was unexpected. I was only there to do a coverage for the DoT (Department of Tourism) press conference about promoting the wonders of the Philippines.

Last April 5th I was there some almost four months ago, since my good friend Vince had invited me to be his buddy for the Fox Asia launch,
where we stayed at Hotel H2O over night accommodations...

The last trip was just a stay and we never got the chance to see the aquarium. Not until now that we had the tour entirely to see the creatures of the sea for FREE. Seeing the giant Arouwana was freakish. Its like watching Discovery Channel's River Monsters.

I made quite a lot shots using my Canon Power Shot SX210 IS using some settings not found in the previous model like the miniature mode. Goofing around with good buddy Carl using its fish eye mode is either you want to throw up laughing or just wanting to own this camera.

There where a lot of good stuff to see in the Manila Ocean Park, and one fo them is the aquarium which is the main attraction. Aside from the Jellies restaurant, where they unveiled their Jelly Fish exhibit.

I'm no fan of dikya (jelly fish) but surely they made those fishes into a colorful light show.

It took me 16 video clips just to do a coverage for this event. Something an ongoing experiment to apply video blogging into multiple segments into one. Not just posting it directly.

This would take time but when it comes out you'd rather think of quality over quantity instead.

So far the idea has been quite daunting and it will take time compared to just conventional blogging, where you write about your insights. Though save the surprises how I'm going to either blow your mind or ignore my expertise.

Going back to the tour at Ocean Park all I can say is it was kinda abrupt or rather short, but it leaves you the experience seeing that the Philippines is rich with underwater species. An appreciation we should be proud of, because some of those creatures can only be found in this country.

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