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Incredibles 2 | Not Just For Kids

07.01.2018 – The Incredibles are back! It has been fourteen years since fans have waited for the sequel to the original hit and it did not disappoint long-time fans. Brad Bird brings back the Parr family springing into action like never before.

A lot has changed since the original was first release and in the last fourteen years the superhero theme has gotten big that this sequel doesn’t appear to be outdated for the current generation regarding tight wearing tropes.

The sequel continues where it left off more than a decade ago and making it look that the characters didn’t age the Parr family was trying to take down the Underminer. But what lies ahead for the sequel is what delves deep about being a superhero and vigilantism as its overall theme that makes Incredibles a refreshing sequel for those who had the first time seeing it and not seen the original

Grounded in Reality

Like any modern family the Parr family has the ups and lows that everyone can relate. The struggle of finances and finding day jobs in-between being a public servant that is either defined by vigilantism or being a hero people would look up for inspiration. It’s not your average comic book adaptation, but takes inspiration from other superhero comic books like the Fantastic Four to name a few.

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible facing sacrifices from being the father of the house to ‘Mr. Mom’ certainly can be relatable to modern dads who instead of being in the workforce is left at home to watch over the children while the wife ‘gets her hands dirty.’ There are a lot of interesting plot twist in this sequel that makes it one of the best animated films for this year that not only appeals to the kids but to the adults as well.

Defining the Modern Super Hero

Incredbiles 2 touches on what the modern superhero is to the greater community and this films is not about kicks and punches the way Marvel had with Captain America: Civil War with its thematic political view of how a superhero should be.

With the modern themes that are no longer comic book-y though it’s not dark, but it makes you think of what you see vigilantism not just in one country but all over the world if they exist.

Superheroes nowadays are not just cartoon characters that spring into action and this is the reason why Incredibles 2 can be adaptable to how the story touches on reality and the perception of what defines a superhero.

Jack-Jack Parr the Star

The voice actors are phenomenal and the characters are fresh where we last saw them, but Jack-Jack was one of the key elements of the film why it appeals to the whole family. The character revelation that he has powers has been teased since the original film. But his full blown abilities has been revealed in this one that Edna Mode got excited.

There’s more Jack-Jack in this film than you ever thought if you haven’t seen it. Though no powers will be revealed here you’ll have an idea why this sequel has the bells and whistles to say that the little toddler certainly has powers.

Making it Incredible

Overall Incredibles 2 did not disappoint with the plot twists and Jack-Jack scene stealing most of the film. Brad Brid certainly made sure the fourteen years of wait was all worth the effort to see this in the big screen and if you missed it some countries still have it being shown. But if you missed out entirely wait for the DVD home release truly one of the best Disney Pixar Animation that you want to see or own in your video collection.

“Incredibles 2” is now showing in cinemas worldwide. Its now playing in Australia and New Zealand since June 14, 2018, from Disney Pixar Animation distributed by Walt Disney Studios in cinemas.


NOTE: This film was screened publicly at Wallis Cinema in Micham, South Australia. This is reviewed with a personal opinion without spoilers not for you to agree or disagree about the views written by the author but to gain insight on his perspective about the film.

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