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Opinions | The Future of Filipino Children

01.10-2018 – “Nasa kabataan and pag-asa ng Bayan” (The Youth is the future of our Country) a Filipino quote by National Hero Jose Rizal.

When you look at it in the Philippines in the present day the youth needs an awakening in the modern times.

Personally, the declining attitude and how Filipino children being raised has been declining.

This is just observations from interacting with un-supervised children gaining access to social media like Facebook has been quite bothering.

Living outside the Philippines has provided me a perspective of the country I grew up from the modern culture to having comparison regarding the quality of life here in Australia and the difference that has been noticeably declining namely how children are being raised today. It is a free country and it’s up to the parents in how they raise them with the age of social media there would still be limited and continues to be conservative not letting children have to access the internet mostly with social media.

Although I’m not a parent I have relatives who are parents here in Australia and have seen them grow up every day WITHOUT access to social media. Yes. If you’re from the Philippines and don’t care or have not been keeping an eye on your child this might cause a concern. Though some Filipinos think social media is harmless maybe its time you take control and be careful what you wish for when they become adults.

I’ve been an admin to some of the “hobby” pages I have developed on Facebook though I may not have thousands of followers there's one particular page I manage that has been interesting and sort of an experiment as it involves collecting toys and when the usual inquiry goes through the Facebook Message I find the Filipino personality, not unlike the people I interact here in Australia every day. When you send a message you have to be courteous, professional, and decent. But managing an FB page that caters to Filipino followers I find it most intriguing that being one from that country I never realized some of them lack the morals finding inquiry.

Though I have to respect the way they act it bothers me speaking to younger children below the appropriate age they are allowed to access Facebook. Some of them could not even understand English or speak as when I was younger it is the second language that my parents have spoken to me. This is due to the change of what children watch on television. Everything now is in Tagalog the local dialect of the Philippines and even foreign shows are even dubbed in in this language.

Gone are the days when you wake up in the morning and watch educational shows like Sesame Street or its Filipino version Batibot (not the one with a giant bird that TV5 had shown). Educational shows are limited now that is in abundance here in Australia for children to learn and interact. Filipino Telenovas ARE NOT the material kids should not be exposed to, but they want to “capture a huge audience” some of this local TV series for some that have violence and adult content had to please everyone for the sake of ratings and not the quality of content it gives. In short, the Philippines keep shortchanging its own audience for earning the revenue it needs. It is obviously all about the money.

Sure. Nobody would even care or flinch and think that’s how it is, which I find it low brow and cultivating the wrong kind of values to younger children. The declining part of what actual children shows on television in the Philippines has been an all-time low. Yes. Dubbed shows give more jobs, but the quality it brings to children doesn’t deserve to be seen. Some of these kids show are also limited to those who have access to cable television. Noontime shows are entertainment offerings that also fighting for revenue that people think its okay to get everyone interested. But at the end of the day, there should be appropriate material for children that they’ll find interesting and not this type of shows that bring about the worse of what they’ll become.

Filipino kids these days would rather stay indoors and just get glued to their parents iPad or smartphones, which they should not have access to unless they’re used for educational purposes in school. The irresponsibility of Filipino parents might think they’re doing the right thing having their kids distracted by these devices that leaves to destructive consequences. This is the reason why the late Steve Jobs never gave his children or his family access to the products he sells.

I may not know how to be a parent but the way some of these kids have access to social media in the Philippines has given me the perspective that it becomes part of the negative culture that’s being cultivated. This is just my personal opinion and observation due to the way how some Filipino parents capitalize social media beside Facebook like YouTube to use their children as the face of their product reviews. Younger kids should not be exploited in this kind of digital life as it means of raising them to get attention. Is this the only way for anyone who sets up a product review channel to get the attention it deserves?

I don’t think it’s proper and immoral for kids to have access or being used in the social media, but it’s a free world so everyone does it. I guess there are no more principles in the Philippines why some who made it out of the country want a better quality life for themselves and for their children. It worries me how children behave in what they’re exposed in television and on the internet.

I guess if Rizal was alive he’d be VERY disappointed that the future of the Philippines are the kind of individuals we see everyday. The lack of manners, unprofessionalism and so much of a bad thing does not only reflect on how the country is but how the future of Filipinos being raised in the present without “STRUCTURE” or proper way to guide or educate children we still hope those words left by Rizal will not be left for nothing.

Source: Jose Rizal Photo by Inside Manila

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