Saturday, January 13, 2018

Marion Library | Renew and Returns

01.13.2018 – Libraries in Australia is one the best places to find some quiet time and a good book to read. It’s very much alive that reading an actual book or browsing the latest magazine is probably a novelty in some countries that slowly being phased out as ‘cost cutting’ without thinking it still has benefits for most people.

I found a place to study or catch up reading some interesting topics, but rarely I borrow and take it home.

The first book I borrowed was overdue last January 11th, which was renewed for another month and now its time to return it.

If in some countries have libraries they have their policies, but here in South Australia the benefit of having a place to borrow and read the latest books or magazines is great. You get to borrow them for a limited time, but would you be surprised that you can “renew” or extend it for another month without a fee?

This is a benefit that is why libraries in Australia has been very much keeping up with the times besides being interconnected with the other libraries within the state of South Australia. Without incurring overdue fees extending its lease allows you for another month of reading, but since I was towards the tail end on reading the book I only needed an extra day to finish it for the reason of the renewal.

But now I’m finished with it was time to return the book though I missed the library as they closed early at 4 PM on a Friday. Some libraries needed to be opened for you to return the book, but at Marion’s library you can just simply return it through their return box and the steps to do it is just simple.

The return box is similar to the usual mailbox but with an electronic scan for you to open it, which is fairly simple by scanning the book in front of the chute. If it doesn’t open the box there is also a way to scan the barcode of the book on the side. It’s probably a novelty for some countries that doesn’t have this type of return policy.

In comparing it to another country probably this would be non-existent and outdated to their libraries. The renewal or extension won’t even exist either and you’ll probably pay a fine for the overdue as way for some libraries to earn to fund its services, which is already a disservice to readers but here in South Australia is one convenience that most have not much taken as an opportunity.

For a list of libraries in South Australia visit Libraries.SA.Gov.AU

If you happen to be in the city of Marion their libraries have events and activities just LIKE City of Marion on Facebook for announcements.

You can also visit City of Marion for the three libraries at Marion.SA.Gov.AU/Libraries

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