Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Year After | Don Razon 1977-2016

11.25.2017 – It has been exactly one year after Fernando “Don” Razon III passed away on the night of this date. I have not forgotten him even though I missed his homecoming and burial back in Manila I always remember for the way he is a generous funny guy. Though I’m not a close to this very talented individual, he became a good friend over the last years of life.

I haven’t had written a proper tribute to his legacy on GeekMatic! last year this was due to personal commitments and the changes in my own life that brought me to this foreign country where Don moved with his family.

It was also a difficult time personally that I wasn’t able to say my goodbyes and here’s a tribute to RATEEG.

The year 2007 was very different for me personally. Everyone was younger and into the toy collectible toy and hobby scene. It was in those times people had so much drama over toys like any community out there that has been plagued by politics that’s been part of the culture in the Philippines when it comes to people not just in the hobby scene, but everywhere there’s bound for indifference.

I met Don through the forum Action Figure Philippines, where I was referred and met new faces. AFP’s origin from what I know is one of the breakaway groups from another community that has been plagued by politics and the usual drama. I never met RATEEG or sometimes GEETAR until the anniversary events.

Between being a co-founder of another toy forum, Don with AFP, and JM, the original founder of Toy Soldier 1:18 the two guys I mentioned where passionate toy customizers. But Don was more than just good turning fugly action figures into what collectors and fans looking forward to, but he’s a talented musician hence the username RATEEG or GEETAR he was known for. He’s funny and generous with his friends that he personally invited me to his house for a couple of beers.

I get to know more about him through his talent in playing guitar and his adoration for Slash of Guns N’ Roses. He’s also an avid basketball fan rooting for his New York Knicks and collects sports memorabilia. He owns a signed Michael Jordan jersey and a pair of signed boxing gloves by Manny Pacquiao.

He’s an accomplished photographer as evident in his son’s photos and working freelance when he migrated to Melbourne towards the late 2000s where his son was born named Luke after his elder brother’s passing. I rarely spoke to him when moved to Australia, but whenever he gets the chance he comments on some of my Facebook posts. Don was the coolest dad, the rocker brother, and sometimes a clown to his close friends. I sure miss his humor whenever I check his Facebook status or when it appears to my feed. He was kind and often outspoken by the things that weren’t right, but above all, he’s a patriotic Filipino.

I recall one of his statuses on Facebook that he still prefers being a Filipino despite becoming an Australian citizen. Some guys would envy him me included in that for being a low key guy, but when he shows his passion he definitely someone who can inspire others for being just him.

Thank you, Don, for the opportunity of meeting you and being a friend such a gracious individual who I’ll never see, but your legacy will not be forgotten you’ve been one of those people I look to I appreciate your whenever you are now.

Keep rocking my friend we’ll see you soon.

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