Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kitchie Nadal | Music, Parenting & Tuna Pie

05.03.2017 – The only things that’s been around long enough in this life is music. Just like the Tower Records’ motto “No Music. No Life.” But sometimes life is not all about music most of the time. It’s also about building life around that passion.

Kitchie Nadal is no exception when you talk about life and random things in-between who just wrapped up her most recent guest appearance on the RX Concert Series, which was aired, live last Monday on Monster Radio RX93.1 FM.

I happen to have nothing to do on Monday, which was on a National Holiday in the Philippines for Labour Day.

The weather was very much the humid having an extended Summer since I’ve mostly spent the same season in South Australia for the last three months. But in the Philippines it’s more tolerable than spending it back there in down under. The idea of going to the RX Concert Series was quite last minute and never was that challenging MRT ride to Pasig City where I ended all drenched up.

It’s already the month of May and the heat is winding down with a little bit of unexpected shower. After getting for the Ortigas Station, where mostly everyone was stranded I head out well prepared with jacket and umbrella in tow going to the radio station. The rain kept pouring in when I arrived at Strata 2000 it was an excruciating trek. By the time I arrived at the 17th floor Kitchie and her band was halfway to their song list.

I haven’t seen her since the last RX Concert Series, where she performed that was August 31, 2015. I haven’t seen her gigs since 12 Stone Records introduced her as one of the artists who launched her fourth album titled Malaya in 2013. This was the time she was promoting also her debut independent film.

So this day with a lot challenges along the way was worth every trip to see a long time friend perform on the same radio station I’ve known for since college days. Even though she lives a few streets from where I reside it was also more personable since only a handful of people where in the booth excluding Rico Robles and another jock.

Parental Kitchie

Kitchie extended three more songs she performed on the show, which she also introduced her most recent single “Wandering Stars.” Now an expecting parent with a growing belly is much in cloud nine and radiantly happy like most inside the station was unaware of the downpour outside the city.

If the last guest appearance from almost two years ago was crowded this times its more intimate as she sat in the couch almost ready to wrap up her performance for the rest of the evening. Of course knowing Rico he’s sparkplug keeping the conversation interesting even behind the scenes, which I haven’t seen for quite a while when I was away and for a minute there he won’t notice my presence.

Pregnant Brain

When everyone has packed up their instruments after the last song the band retreated to the pantry that I’ve seen evolved over the years from the time I was with Radio1. Kitchie invited me to have pizza along with Sandy Baliong her drummer who is rarely seen in pictures. We where catching up with everything from the days of hanging out with his brother’s former restaurant nearby in the Makati area to what's shes up to and what she is craving.

Most of the conversation lately is what Kitchie craves and the ones she’s being prevented to consume like seafood. She was hinting of having Tuna Pie after she’s done with a few slices of pizza. It’s been a while not seeing her and Roca (her former manager) who I spent time hanging out back then.

To Cheetos or Not to Be

While most fans would have left satisfied seeing their favorite artist perform I happen to stick around all the way to the ground floor, where the rest of Kitchie’s band has loaded up their instruments while she crunches her Tuna Pie.

It was quite an interesting night having random conversations with her who has a busy tour coming up(See her at 70's Bistro on May 8th). The weather has calmed down and after hopping on the back of the passenger seat going back she was thinking of heading to Cash & Carry for a bag of Cheetos. But then again she decided to have one next time and when I dropped off a few blocks from her house I was already having the same cravings.

Definitely influential for all things including food cravings, she’s definitely a friend alright.

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