Monday, August 31, 2015

A Night with Kitchie Nadal!

08.31.2015 - It’s been a while since I have went to the RX Concert Series, and back then it was Jude Rocha who originated the show. This was inherited by Francesca and currently the ‘pound for pound’ host Rico Robles has taken the reigns Monday nights.

Since Monster Radio RX 93.1 is celebrating their anniversary month of August they already have set a line up of artists and bands to be their guest fro the show. The last artist to close the radio station’s anniversary is none other than Kitchie Nadal.

I’ve been an avid follower of her music since she went solo in 2004 and have met her occasional when she was promoting her ‘Love Letters’ album (her second studio album produced independently) some time between 2008 and 2009. I’ve never missed her gigs (mostly the ones in Gweilos Bar) since then. For once I have been there up to the last night she and her former manager Roca left for the country.

Fast forward to the present Kitchie has promoting her album Malaya (‘Freedom’), which was released under the 12 Stone Records along with the other local artists, under that label in 2013.

Kitchie’s currently writing songs that hopefully would be the fourth album. For now she’s been busy after getting married and managing an NGO in Cebu where she is now based. But Kitchie never forgets home and also help the less fortunate children where all this advocacies have started.

During the program Kitchie talks about her passion not only to music but to help the less fortunate from street children to currently managing an NGO with her husband. She’s still perform gigs locally and in other countries in fact her next appearance will be on a morning show in GMA &’s “Unang Hirit” this Tuesday.

Kitchie opening song to close out the anniversary month for the RX Concert Series started with “Simula Ngayon” (Starting Today), followed by “Isaac”, “Hilom”(Closed Up), and With Whom.

Most of the songs she sang are from the “Malaya” album, while the last two songs are well known since “Wag na wag” was in her debut solo album and what made her known in the Philippine music industry. This version doesn’t sound like the one from the studio album, but people who have heard about it would remember this. In ending the show like her previous gigs she sang “Bulong” (Whisper)

Signed Malaya Album and Set List from the Show.
Signed Malaya Album and Set List from the RX Concert Series.

If you want to see where Kitchie Nadal will be performing aside from tomorrow’s appearance at “Unang Hirit” you can also see her updates just LIKE Kitchie Nadal on Facebook.

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