Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Chopper: Senior VS Junior Season 3 Asian Premiere!

05.17.2012 – American Chopper: Senior VS. Junior returns for its third season with “Winners and Losers” tonight on Discovery Channel Asia. This episode kicks during the aftermath of the three way bike build-off between Paul Jr. Designs, Orange County Chopper and the controversial Jessie James.

In the US the latest episode that was recently shown was episode 13 “Change of Heart” Part 1 where things could change between the relationship with father and son. But the Asian premiere of the series is world’s away and its a definitely treat for Philippine viewers to catch the first episode of season three.

If have been following the series and your anxious to catch the new season American Chopper: Senior VS. Junior. Here’s a preview of the episode that will be shown tonight at 10PM (Check your cable TV listings)…

American Chopper: Senior VS. Junior airs Thursday at 10PM on Discover Channel Asia!

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