Saturday, September 17, 2016

6th PIMS | Sabel sa Beetle

09.17.2016 – There are a lot of ways to express art, but for National Artist like Ben Cab he takes it to the next level and continue to be consistent for the reason he was given the title for being known for his contributions to culture and society. In the sixth Philippine International Motorshow he showed that his works or art also belongs to the automotive industry.

In that form of a Volkswagen Super Beetle a classic work horse that also an iconic car for the German brand that continues to be significant today with its latest cars. The ‘Art Car’ known as “Sabel sa Beetle” was at PIMS all of its artful glory.

If you’re just someone who appreciate cars and collect diecast miniature versions of the real things you’ll probably heard of the term ‘Art Cars’, which was used in Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand as part of their subline of diecast cars depicting vehicles with different kinds of art.

Sometimes they’re coloful but mostly depict an artist’s point of view of what their version of a car would appear if they are dressed up like a canvas filled with their creation. This happened for real featuring Ben Cab’s art style hand painted over a classic Volkswagen Super Beetle in 2013 titled “Sabel sa Beetle”, which was on display at the lobby of the World Trade Center Metro Manila, which held the sixth Philippine International Motorshow (PIMS).

Below you can see the various angles of the VW Super Big parked and also showing the video how Ben Cab created his hand painted works of art.

You’ll never see any artists painting over a car though back in 2013 there was a Jeepney event that involved several artists to handle one done by a group, but this one is done alone by Ben Cab which shows why he’s one of the National Artists in the country that continues to be relevant with his works in various mediums.

“Sabel sa Beetle” an original 2013 work by Ben Cab will be on exhibit at the World Trade Center Metro Manila along with various vintage cars and latest vehicles that where launched today September 14 to 18, 2016 go check them out!

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