Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Star Trek | Beyond Being Just A Trekkie.

07.20.2016 – The first Star Trek episode which I can no longer recall of its particular title is one of the memories from my childhood. I do remember it was shown of the former RPN 9 on a Saturday afternoon a syndicated episode of The Original Series.

The Next Generation was a time I casually see on Friday nights on the same channel in the early 1990s before going to be. But Star Trek: Voyager sealed the deal for me when it was shown on Hallmark Channel Asia, which I became a full on Trekkie.

I’ve seen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine being aired on PTV4 if I would recall, but it was not as popular as The Original Series or The Next Generation. Voyager on the hand was the first Trek show that was consistently aired on a cable channel that was known originally for greeting cards.

This was in the early 2000s when Friendster was in its infancy, Multiply, Facebook and Twitter wasn’t invented yet. But most of the people who are ‘closet geeks’ where either discussing their passion for anything nerdy was through either the Yahoo Mailing List or a forum that was set up. A couple of friends who found out that there was a local group being formed formally, and in some point I would become a member of it personally investing time and money to the point I would also suit up and became part of something bigger for a time like in the world of Star Trek everyone was treated equally. But that won’t last long personally for me and like Montgomery Scott I was stuck in Daedalus that would become a ‘Relic.’

But as a close friend would say you don’t need to be relevant being part of a community or the need to presently be seen just to be called a Trekkie. Besides these days I’m sure I can’t fit in those jumpsuits from Star Trek Enterprise anymore. I don’t need to be ‘flavor of the month’ whenever if there’s a new Star Trek out there. In the case for someone who is a just a casual individual. But I’m not just merely a casual Trekkie either since I used to be the keeper of the LCARS who have seen all the episodes of Enterprise, TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager not including the animated series or the ten movies prior to JJ Abrams taking over and rebooting it adding the Kelvin Timeline which featured all three films including Star Trek Beyond.

Growing up reliving a dream of a Trekkie is one thing and even though I’m not part of any community. I was grateful and thankful to be part of it, but that doesn’t stop me from being a passionate Star Trek fan.

Star Wars never had that big impact for me, but I’ve seen the movies, played the videogames, and read the comic books that also include the novels. But it never had that big effect on me only Star Trek where I recall one time that I got to wear my Voyager uniform where I had to order for lunch at McDonald’s over the counter.

But beyond wearing a uniform sometimes you don’t need one to be called a Trekkie and these days I seldom need the attention. When I saw the advance screening last night I was low key and was pretty much missed more than 45 minutes of the film due to heavy traffic. But I didn’t care I just enjoy every bit of the scene and in those scenes I each watched observantly as the narrative unfold.

It was glorious like an excited Klingon would say having a Starfleet shaped drink filled with prune juice like Worf would have last night. But I didn’t have prune juice just Sprite was perfectly fine, while munching on popcorn like anyone had seeing the spectacle in IMAX as I rested in my chair at the same time go back to the memories of the past appreciating what it felt to be a Trekkie for all the years.

I never missed being a Trekkie as one of my hats I wear and even though I’m not presently around to be part of a Borg Collective I can still enjoy being one without the need the relevance or anyone’s attention.

Lately I just do the things no Trekkie has gone before with their collection, and over those years when you look at these images you might wonder if they where based from one episode or one of my imaginations:

These are my personal voyages its continuing mission to boldly go where I haven’t done before as a Trekkie. I go beyond in what I do lately and I don’t need to be part of Section 31 to be stealth or be part of the MACOs to be a special breed of Starfleet Military unit I still do what other Trekkies do. The only difference is I just do it without the attention to say I was part of this and that.

Yes. I still missed the days Hallmark Channel (Currently Universal Channel) aired the syndicated episodes Star Trek Voyager, it is the series that brought everyone together from there on it was every Trekkie who ventured the uncharted.

But whether there’s new Trek or not at the end of the day I still will and always shall be a Trekkie appreciating what it was not for attention but because I was a fan.

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