Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kevin Durant | Its Not Everyone's Decision.

07.05.2016 – It has been six years since LeBron James took his game to South Beach and during that time forming a ‘super team’ was unheard of. You can’t count the Boston Celtics when they traded for Kevin Garnett who is no longer at his prime.

But with Kevin Durant announcing his decision to join the Golden State Warriors is like the almost same atmosphere when James left the Cavaliers in 2010. But this time the story revolves around Kevin Durant, the ‘franchise player’ of the Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder formerly the Seattle Supersonics who drafted Kevin Durant was left with nothing but a gaping hole in the roster that nurtured him to be the team’s so called ‘franchise player.’ The reactions would be something aching comparisons form 2010, but somewhat different.

Though fans and sports analysts would hope for the 6’11 forward to stay in a Thunder uniform it was not the case after last season’s playoffs having his team led 3-1 over the Golden State Warriors. But things went south after the Dubs took them to seven games that eliminated them. In this generation the turnover for players changing teams are higher now compared to the 1980s and 1990s. It was a very different time how they physically played the game as compared to the current rules.

End of a Franchise Player

When you’ve been with only one time for nine years Kevin Durant is considered a franchise player. He’s more than the face of the Thunder than Russell Westbrook was when they where both drafted in succeeding years.

Besides the ever changing landscape in the NBA it’s actually LeBron James who changed the way a franchise player’ would be in this generation. Back in the day you don’t just root for one player your investing your interest to the basketball team. Its hard to see these days how that dynamic has changed.

Kevin’s Change of Heart

Despite that media firestorm he’ll be hearing good or bad it won’t make Durant change how he feel is the right decision to become part of the Golden State Warriors. It’s hard to see him in a different uniform the way LeBron did. But the way Durant made the decision was low key and was not televised on national television.

The way things are happening now with social media the immediate reaction will be mixed, but mostly shocked about his decisions to join the same team that beat him in the recently concluded playoffs. But things will be interesting moving forward after all this ‘wait & see’ moment is finally done with this announcement.

This might be premature celebration for the Dubs fans, but the way things are set up there will be a massive overhaul in the roster to accommodate the $54 million two-year deal that Kevin Durant will be paid for, because the salary cap in place is not going to take that and give the Dubs a luxury tax if they go over.

There will be a cause and effect in the coming days like any spectator this is going to be an interesting offseason.

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