Friday, October 16, 2015

Nostalgic Tower Records Documentary!

10.16.2015 – Do you remember the first time you entered Tower Records? When you’ve grown up owning cassettes and CDs the kids of today would never understand how these things revolutionized media.

These days there are still record stores in the Philippines, but not so relevant in other countries that are extinct. A documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records would shed some light about their story.

Personally growing up the first Tower Records that opened in the Philippines was at the old Glorietta section where the current NBA store is located. It’s a two-level branch and event had a basement for some classics.

On the first trip to Hong Kong it was the first store I would definitely go to where I bought Robin Williams’ Millennium, Japan’s Dreams Come True Greatest Album, and an another CD I can’t recall that had the best compilation of alternative music. The last time I had something bought at Tower Records was in 2006 a copy of L’Arc- En-Ciel’s album and getting another copy of DCT’s greatest album, which I lost in the old house back in 2004.

The stores in the Philippines merged with Music One until that one folded in the late 2000s. The only existing Tower Records stores are in Japan and the only nostalgic place you’ll ever be, but Colin Hanks who directed a documentary ‘All Things Must Pass’ kept the flame alive in sharing a story about Tower Records. They even opened the old Sunset Boulevard branch for one night only to launch the documentary.

Indeed it is true ‘No Music. No Life’ and Tower Records will live on in Japan and to some of us who grew up knowing there was that magical place we keep coming back.

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