Friday, September 18, 2015

Putting Together a Gundam Kit.

09.18.2015 – The last Gundam Caravan I have attended was almost two weeks ago and this was my fourth time to sit down and put together a model kit.

But this is not the first time I have put together a Gundam it’s been a while to find that interest again.

My last purchase was early this year but I haven’t assembled it since that particular Gundam was my favorite after watching the classic 1990s OVA.

I’m not a hardcore Gundam fan but I can see why some are into it when putting the kit together.

I’m more of an action figure guy who doesn’t want to put toys together other than LEGO or any particular building toy brand that has interlocking bricks. Model kits are challenging and tedious for someone who has fat fingers like me. But I’m more patient now compared to when I first put together a 1/44 HG Kit V-Buster for a friend some years ago. My last Gundam kit that I had put together last year was the Mr. Beargguy mobile suit since I was catching on with Gundam Build Fighters.

I’m not knowledgeable enough about the mythology of the series so I often look it up whenever I’m not sure of the mobile suit or the characters in the series. The most recent series I’ve seen is the Gundam Build Fighters TRY, which takes place 7 years after the series that preceded it.

When the Gundam Caravan was set up at the Asia Pop Comicon I wasn’t in a rush to sit down and build one on the first day I stepped inside the hall. But towards late in the evening I decided to sign up along with my colleagues who are also covering this event. They actually left since there was another event they had committed to and I was the only one left to try and put together an Aile Strike Mobile Suit that’s based from the Gundam Seed series.

I used to have one in the old house a bigger scale at 1/60, which was given by a friend 12 years ago but that one is no longer with me. I only have now is the non-model kit 1/144 figure that Bandai also produced.

The one that I built for the Gundam Caravan at APCC Manila is the RX-78, which is the classic one first seen in the original Gundam series from 1979 (for experts please forgive me if this is not the exact Gundam but its close enough right?). The one that Amuro Ray has piloted and this kit was only allowed to be built for kids. Most adults where given either the Gundam Exia or the Gundam OO to put together and its welcoming to have the chance to take it home too.

It’s not as challenging for adults but it will definitely have smaller hands more time to study and put a model kit together, which I slowly started cutting the parts out from their trees in each stage that was shown in the instructions manual. I wasn’t rushing and savor the time seeing how the RX-78 came together.

Overall it was fun while observing the others how they do it. But I definitely appreciate the Ban Kee team for giving me the chance to put together the Gundam RX-78, which is only for kids to put together and you can drop by the Gundam booth to have your chance in building one for yourself and its also free.

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