Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sofia Román Takes on Manila!

08.22.2015 – Ricky Rubio had a long two-day event from yesterday’s presser to going around the city having his photo with the Rizal monument to hanging out with the local personalities at the same time making a visit to small towns.

He also had a photo at the local basketball court in that town that had a set up with his image all over the area.

Earlier today he was also occupied with basketball clinics and interview. But after Ricky left we stayed and caught our attention to a young player.

During the meet and greet with the invited kids to see Ricky Rubio there were also personalities present at the Gatorade Hoops Center. The place is not entirely packed but the bleachers are quite full. After the program and all the activities with Ricky Rubio the event ended with a basketball game that he never saw its end.

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But for those few of us who stayed we were delighted by someone else that caught our attention. These days it’s rare to see new breed of players who played with a lot of guts. But you’ll be surprised this young player turned out to be a woman by the name Sofia Román.

For the basketball fans out there you’ll probably heard of her. She’s a member of the national team who recently was added to bolster the roster of Perlas Pilipinas, the all-women group that caught our attention. Because she was the only female personality who played ball and was patrolling the arc for a catch-and-shoot. It’s like seeing Stephen Curry for real but only this time she’s the lone woman in the squad.

The Perlas Pilipinas shooting guard is no push over she really guards bigger players in the opposing team. For someone who stands at 5’7 she’s quick and agile that the opposing team has a little answer in getting back on defense.

A former New York native from Dartmouth High, who visited the Philippines late last year to workout with the national team, and eventually would join Perlas Pilipinas. She’s slowly getting followers on her social media accounts; because this lady is not only a deadly shooter from the three point line she’s got the looks too.

Sofia certainly was impressive shooting the long ball during the scrimmage that put her on both teams. It was entertaining to see her play the game among men who participated in this event where she also got the chance to meet Ricky Rubio before he left in the middle of the first quarter. The images captured won’t do justice for a clear perspective how she played because this lady is quick as a cat and has no hesitation to throw long bombs on either team she was put into.

If you’re all-in to support all the national teams competing in the sport of basketball you can include the Perlas Pilipinas team. You’ll definitely not going to miss out Sofia Román as she leads her squad in their upcoming competition in the next few months.

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