Monday, August 10, 2015

A Look at: Chuck Taylor II 'Oxford!'

08.10.2015 – For almost a hundred years Converse has been consistent about their pair of shoes and even though Nike has acquired the company in 2003 it still produce some of the iconic sneakers out there.

Now when you talk about Converse the company’s well-adored sneaker comes in second.

That pair is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star known widely named after a former basketball player and shoe salesman just released All-New Chuck II.

Late last month Converse has released a new pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars dubbed the ‘Chuck Taylor II’, which have slight improvements from the 98 year old original incorporating Nike technology. They released the classic ‘hi-cut’ and the ‘Oxford’ low-cut editions in black, white, blue and red color variants.

The classic shoe that became the face of Converse has been rejuvenated made out of latest lightweight material that includes the Lunarlon sock liner and you no longer need to pull the shoe tongue as they’ve also fixed that issue.

Chuck II Reveal

For anyone who grew up wearing a Chuck Taylor this is certainly an improvement of the classic. What I have on-hand is the ‘Oxoford’ low-cut edition in ‘Socialite Blue’ as described in the box now featuring a photo image of the sneaker just like the Converse Star Street Ox I recently acquired in my Holiday vacation earlier this year.

The new pair of Chuck II Ox is wrapped with the usual paper covering the shoes, but this time it has the logo of the brand and “II” Roman numeral printed. This comes in a bigger box that’s longer than the pair of shoes itself.

Classic with Improvement

Just like the press release description the new Chuck Taylor II is new and improved of its predecessor. The released colors are vibrant like the color red and ‘socialite blue’ which is eye catching that clearly shows that the upper used a different kind of canvass.

The sole looks entirely different compared to the old one as I have previously owned a Chuck Taylor Ox ‘Batman’ themed side-by-side comparison with Chuck II. You an easily notice the difference and improvement of this new Chuck Taylor.

Limited Release

When the news about the release of Chuck Taylor II came out some sneaker heads went on a ‘panic buying’ due to that this was produced on limited run. They already sold out on the black editions both hi-cut and Ox version.

The flagship store had recently restocked but to no avail the black versions have been definitely sold out, which you can only find some of them in their franchise shops. Chuck II certainly has improved giving you less fatigue in wearing them and it’s more comfortable compared to your old school Cons.

But the original won’t get retired soon expect new designs to come out even though the new Chuck II is already selling out.

Chuck Taylor II ALL★STAR is now available at all Converse store for PhP 3,990.00 pesos ($86.45 US). Get more details where to acquire the Chuck Taylor II LIKE Converse Philippines on Facebook. Acknowledgments to Converse store in Glorietta Mall for this awesome pair and the Converse PH Card.

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