Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Xurpas Launches Xeleb & Anne Galing!

07.14.2015 – Filipinos are mobile phone savvy and their presence in Social Media is bigger than ever. The Philippines is also a celebrity-centric kind of culture where personalities are adored and glorified than any country out there.

There are no surprises that every product endorsed you slap it with a famous local celebrity is no longer the uncommon concept. When you produce a mobile gaming app that feature celebrities expect the mainstream to find the curiosity like #Xeleb!

Xeleb is a mobile app game that was launched earlier and plans to release four types of downloadable content by introducing celebrities that feature what type of game they will be representing. The first one to create some spark is the #AnneGaling game featuring the Fil-Aussie actress Anne Curtis that became viral when she shared the teaser on her social media.

What’s Anne Galing?

If you’re into fashion and obviously follow Anne Curtis in social media then you can have the best of both worlds. You only need is downloading Xurpas’ first foray in mobile gaming with Anne Galing, which is part of the Xeleb line of games featuring some the famous faces in the entertainment scene.

Anne Galing is a simple Match-3 game now available for download on Google Play. Designed by Xurpas with hands-on concept from Anne Curtis herself, the game allows players to shop for digital clothes, build a wardrobe and personalize Anne’s in-game outfits. During the press launch they said that the game is heavily influenced from Kim Kardashian’s ‘Hollywood’ mobile app.

But Anne herself have said that the game she co-produced with Xurpas for the Xeleb mobile games is more tailor-made to her interest and having fun. She fills in the details on how the process “I chose a match-3 type of game because it’s my personal favorite. I’m actually very good at it! But I wanted Anne Galing to be unique and to have my personal touch, so I threw in my love for fashion into it. In fact, I even have some of my Anne Kapal concert outfits turned into Anne Galing items! Anne Galing di ba!” says Anne.

Three More Xeleb Games Announced

During the Xeleb and Anne Galing launch they also introduced three more celebrities in Kim Atienza, Isabel Daza and Erwan Eussaff. The games that will feature them are based on their interest too.

For Kim Atienza, the TV personality hosting a Sunday education morning show in “Matang Lawin” and TV Patrol’s weatherman his game will be more on adventure and education that’s based on what you can call his expertise.

In Isabel Daza’s game it would be on the same theme with Anne Curtis’ “Anne Galing” game featuring fashion. She didn’t hint any details what the game would be but it will be based on what she’s into.

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