Friday, December 27, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: The View at Mt. Lofty!

01.27.2013 – After a trip to the little town of Hahndorf where lunch was served at The Haus, and spent looking around the German Village Shop filled with wooden toys and collectibles. The quick tour around the area was a breeze up to the parking lot.

The weather was right to drive to Mt. Lofty the highest point in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges in Adelaide. The place gives you the view of South Australia, and with a rich history that became a popular tourist spot. You have to make the visit the experience the stunning view that is quite mesmerizing in the day.

It’s a great place to make your visit at Mount Lofty Summit where there’s an observatory, which has an in house café serving great cappuccino at the Aurora Café. It is a great place for hiking in the area, where you can also find Wildlife Park.

During the day you get that view of all Adelaide in the summer where the blue skies give you a clear look. But during winter it’s more about the fog that is difficult to appreciate the place. At night it is remarkably astonishing to see the lights of the city define how big and wide Adelaide is from that perspective.

Mt. Lofty is a great place to cyclist coming from the old Mount Baker Road through Eagle on the Hill. When you enter the Mount Lofty Summit through the café you get to see the obelisk which was installed there even before World War II. During that year the place was closed due to no longer being an indispensable navigation assistant, and for that they installed a flashing strobe to the top to improve visibility at night.

This is where three television antennas are located that is owned by ABC (Australia Broadcasting Channel), and the Mount Lofty Fire Tower which is operated by the Country Fire Service.

Definitely a memorable place to have your photo taken while enjoy the view of Adelaide in South Australia, and it never gets any better than just admiring a great perspective of this place which is truly unforgettable.

Mount Lofty is located about 15 km east of the centre of the city of Adelaide in South Australia. For more details visit Mount Lofty at:

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