Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upton Up The Ante and Showed Her Bikinis!

02.16.2012 – Between the dead and the sublime everything is just fine. I mean yeah after seeing a press media screening that took a lot out of me…

Actually early in the day there was an album launch, a press con for an upcoming concert and another album launch.

I could be feeling the exhaustion as I lugged off my bag and started checking my email and while I’m at it I was checking how Jeremy Lin made a believer out of me. Of course before that Kate Upton had upped the ante and showed her panties.

This year’s Sport Illustrated Swim Suit Edition made us believe there’s Kate in all of us. Of course it’s up to you to paint that idea that there’s a woman involved in this discussion rather than talking about Jeremy Lin’s stunner over the Toronto Raptors. There are heartbreakers and there are definitely a few can attest to that thought. All I can say the anticipation to see The Three Stooges movie is not about the men that made the movie its Kate Upton.

Every year I received a present from my uncle since 1999 and it has become a sort of tradition never to miss an issue of SI’s Swim Suit Edition well except that I lost my copies from that year until 2004. It might not be nakedly awesome unlike Playboy or fleshly interesting than any adult themed magazine out there. It’s definitely an eye candy for anyone who just reads them ever since someone sent me copies.

So I lost my focus before I clicked on the update on Jeremy Lin and found out Kate Upton is the latest girl on the cover of this year’s Swim Suit Edition. Of course I would stare for the next couple of minutes. Its might not be glorious to anyone but surely made me want to get the copy now.

I respect the Philippine Edition but the original US release is more than enough you get that feeling there’s more to than just getting your local version. With that I should start talking about the latest SI Swim Suit Edition here than being numb in my other blog. Real men feel something when you see almost naked women in their sweet bikinis and my thoughts stop there.

Now the wait can be excruciating to own the magazine but enough to wake the dead in between any guy’s loins. To top this year’s SI Swim Suit Edition Ms. Kate Upton is coming out in her second movie by the Farelly Brothers (Her acting debut was in Tower Heist) and it’s enough to boost interest wanting to get a copy right?

For once being tired has energized some of my time spending out in the field after seeing this online and you should do pick a copy to find out about Ms. Upton’s next moves.

Hopefully she won’t be another one hit wonder to make us drool in any type of media, but definitely can give us more than we expect she would be. Besides what’s with a great body if you don’t use it wisely? Unless some lucky guy out there has been living in a dream where all of us had it in our minds.

It would be inevitable not to follow Ms. Upton’s sexploits – err EXPLOITS… Did I just say that… Then again I’m looking forward to this!

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