Friday, August 2, 2013

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon feat. Robin Thicke & School Instruments!

08.01.2013 – Jimmy Fallon has changed the dynamics how we watch late night talk shows in America. Though the ones shown in the Philippines are a few hours or a day delayed but everything else is cool about Jimmy.

I used to like Conan more after he was controversially ousted in the Late Night that he inherited from Jay Leno. But things changed when Jimmy came and took over Conan’s original show and definitely became one of the talk shows to watch.

Only few years under his belt Jimmy made significant and creative concepts incorporated in the show and one of the segments I anticipated to see is not on his live show or if it is being aired I must have missed it.

That particular segment features his guest and The Roots (his band for the show) using classroom instruments prior to the actual show. I’ve seen it first when Carly Rae Jepsen sang “Call Me Maybe” along with The Roots using school instruments and that was one of my favorites last year. Then during the Holiday season Mariah Carrey sang her famous "All I want for Christmas" song with the same theme.

But for this one which really caught popularity is Robin Thicke with “Blurred Lines” which is getting some serious airplay on Philippine radio.

I was never into the song after the music video featuring women in their sexy clad outfits but seeing Jimmy Fallon have Robin Thicke performed with The Roots using school instruments the song warmed up and stuck to me as an LSS and here how it came to be…

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs on Philippine cable channel JACK TV on Destiny Cable (Channel 30) and SkyCable (Digital Channel 51). For more of the show LIKE Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Facebook!

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