Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Trese Trilogy: The Filbar's Edition!

08.03.2013 – Rarely I would talk about comics I’d rather read them.

It’s hard to formulate a review without spoiling them at the same time trying to “sell the comics” in helping the creators gain more recognition.

Honestly I haven’t read Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s Trese series until they had an exclusive launch last year at NBS Best Sellers for Midnight Tribunal.

Never had the time to suit my curiosity for the huge cult following until I was at the launching of the book.

Midnight Tribunal was my first Trese book and being the “new kid” on the block your pumped up for some supernatural adventure by Alexandra Trese which brings back what inspired to make this series popular that they even had foreign guests lining up to Budjette and Kajo just to meet them in the flesh.

The following months I went to Powerbooks and bought the fourth book, Last Seen After Midnight just like the most recent Trese that was launched I was blown away.

The story that Budjette has written at the same time Kajo’s art makes up for the combo punch that you’ll never see in other locally made comic books which stands out with the rest of the pack.

Last weekend during the Filbar’s re-introduction with new management I was not expecting to pick up the first store exclusive. I was already planning to get the remaining copies of Trese but never had the time to go to the nearest bookstore. Not until Filbar’s announced their first store exclusive a few days before the new store’s opening.

The exclusive edition has all first three books come with new dust jackets not available in the previous release how cool is that? Not to mention that huge image of Trese at the store it signifies that Filbar’s is in full support of the local comic book industry.

I have seen exclusive merchandise shirts from Team Manila and from the publishers themselves in the previous Komikon but never was into it. But what made me like the series is the one-two punch of Budjette and Kajo for making such great series. They acknowledge all those supernatural TV shows like X-Files that inspired in making the series this great.

It’s been a while since reading Last Seen After Midnight because Midnight Tribunal made me go back and try to appreciate the early beginnings of the series which came in a bundle of coolness when Filbar’s repackaged the first three books and called it their limited edition which is worth catching up.

If you are curious about Alexandra Trese and her Kambal (Twin) bodyguard maybe you should pick up the Filbar’s Exclusive Edition for PhP 480.00 pesos ($11.00 US) which have all first three books sporting new individual art wrap around dust jackets.

You’ll never regret having all the books because the latest one won’t be out until October and that’s two months away.

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