Monday, October 22, 2012

That Brown Box from The Bay Has Arrived.

10.22.2012 – How often do you receive something that you never expected? Rarely you would really appreciate it for all its worth. But for something you no longer crave or being materialistic you put value more on the people who make it possible.

In the case of my friends who find the time to remember what I used to be into. They know how to make your day without ANY expectations.

I no longer find the time or the interest to have those “wants” which some who personally knows me have said that I have outgrown that stage.

Indeed I’m no longer into buying things that feed my addiction. But for me to gain it has shifted into a different interest to more gratifying and intangible means of joy that made me less materialistic.

In a sense I do not have a “collector’s perspective” where I have to get this or that just to complete something. My interest in the collecting hobby has trimmed down my choices on what I really want and gave me reasons to weigh on what is more important now.

I’m thankful to good friends who definitely understand what’s really more important than mere material things. It’s a stage of growing up and opening other perspectives to have something better to do. So the last time I got a package from the Bay Area was late in February of this year when I picked up the smallest United Postal Service box that contained some die cast cars and mini figures that I received as a present for all the efforts in helping them in my own little way.

I’ve got friends who regularly communicate with me online asking how I was doing and for the gratitude that I’m doing for them they send me something unexpected in return. Because I have stopped expecting and not thinking about my own wants they send some surprise.

For me who used to have a “collector’s mentality” has changed and the interest now is somewhat casual and it’s a good thing. Because I have been busy lately with work and a life in reality I have less time to browse online. So as a treat one of my friends from the US sends me a box once in a while. I already know some of its contents but it’s different when you see them in person which makes it look cooler.

I picked up this box last Wednesday traveling south to meet up a relative of those friends who has continued to support me on what I do. So it’s inspiring to know I get these for FREE but I know I have to replay this someday not in monetary but in anoother form and that’s how friendships work.

Never expect and there will be something for you to arrive and here it is… again. Besides that I surprised my good friend Tedi of who got his stuff that came with the box which for me is the most gratifying moment seeing his priceless smile getting to receive his own goodies.

So what’s in the box you ask?

Upon opening the box there’s Free Comic Book Day 2012 of Mouse Guard Graphic Novel. Getting four packs of Mario K’Nex Series 2 mini figures making me complete all of them. There’s three Kre-O Transformers featuring Galvatron, Spinister, and Waspinator.

I got two Playmobil Series 2 mini figures in Elvis and Lara Croft. The Hazmat Guy from the LEGO mini figure from Series 4 has also arrived with two exclusive Transformers pins from WonderCon. There's three Hot Wheels in the 2012 New Beetle, Mars Rover Curiosity, and the Classic VW Beetle from the Boulevard series. And last but not the least I finally got the Thundercats technician and battle savvy Panthro action figure and all I need now is his tank (wishful thinking).

There’s a lot to go through this small box and I haven’t got into the other ones I received previously due to busy time with all my commitments. I get less into it but just to write and share about this I have to make time just for those whoever reads this entry.

I’m just thankful to have awesome friends who really know me personally and having them is enough to be gratifying. That’s the one value I keep about these certain people above the material things who made the effort to make my day. I must be doing something right to be rewarded with these things I no longer crave in a daily basis.

I guess being honest and showing your imperfection is not such a bad thing after all. And to my friends who send me these things thank you for such great individuals I hope to repay you all someday much appreciated to have your great company. Peace.

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