Friday, May 3, 2013

Jordan Brand: When Old Used to be New!

05.03.2013 – What used to be new is now old but not gray like anyone coming of age. I’m talking about an old shoes from 5 years ago that I acquired in a warehouse sale. It’s the Air Jordan 3 Black Cat Edition.

It’s been a while since I revisited these shoes… Actually it’s just there on top stacked in a pile of boxes collecting dust beside another Jordan Brand shoes that I retired from being beaten from its use.

I originally bought these pairs back in 2008 in the midst of the Eraserheads first reunion at the Fort where Ely Buendia has a mild stroke while performing and under pressure since it was the time his mother passed away.

So there is a story behind these pair of sneakers that I no longer use due to the abuse as my primary beater when I was still working in the call center industry. But at the time of the Eheads concert I just bought this in a sale. It was bigger for my size which is 8.5 but eventually got around to using it.

It looked small but when I put it on there was more space but depends on how your feet would definitely go with these shoes. It just so happen that I was thinking of wearing this yesterday when I look at the rubber soles having small cracks around the gel in the heels.

Now it’s permanently retired being worn so much beyond its use and the sole is almost unrecognized for the harsh surface it has encountered but if you look back to the photos prior to its use back in 2008 it was shiny, black and beautiful that shows more detail. It’s hard to see it now how it got into this but when you look at the old photos it was vibrant doesn’t appear to be sold in a bargain bin.

For a time it was the shoes that carried me to work every day and it looked like a working shoes than something to wear on party night. I can never trade a black pair for the white ones I’m using now. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed wearing the TS Heat Check but white attracts dirt and it doesn’t look like I can wear it at work.

But the Air Jordan 3 Black Cat has definitely served its purpose and that’s why I’m retiring it permanently. I just don’t have a space or a box for it to keep right now since the one that came with these have store a previous won pair of Jordan sneakers too.

It’s great to look at these shoes and recall how I got it which brings me back memories about those times. I can never forget how it served me well and hopeful in the future to re-acquire a reissue even though it’s no longer a Black Cat edition someday.

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