Saturday, May 4, 2013

Afternoon Highs.

05.04.2013 – Saturday was full of adventure and lot of stuff happened because of Free Comic Book Day. There was also other event transpired earlier today like the annual Digital Photography Philippines event held at Bonifacio High Street which was a few blocks away from Fully Booked.

There’s so much to do but so little time to appreciate each happening but you got to make every moment count when you’re in these kind of event. I just took the laid back approach and be calm in taking things in and so I let cameras tell the story for me through this simple images that transpired on my way to the places I have gone throughout my Saturday which definitely how it sum up everything.

From the streets of Makati to the clear orangey sky things look greatly breathtaking. I never got to do these things in the past weeks. But when I got my chance to pull up my mobile phone and take a snap it’s a moment worth looking.

My day started when I left home as early as 7:45AM to catch the glimpse of Free Comic Book Day as it unfolds. There was a huge crowd that lined up in a serpent kind of fashion that stretched beyond the part the Honda Cars showroom was located. If you know the place you’ll get the idea what I’m talking about.

It was a very hectic but good stress moment when things started to roll. By 3PM the Komikon group of friends went straight to the other FCBD venue in Quezon Avenue. There was a lot of stuff doing the road trip to that place I just capture the images as we headed to the place.

By late afternoon some of them left and others took the next cab home while I took the route headed to Centris Walk just to appreciate a few minutes of my remaining afternoon. It was a great weekend to start the month of May as I rarely appreciate this month with a lot of things that has happened in the last hours of this Saturday.

I was thinking about heading home but you know I’d rather close my day where everything started. But before I took my train back to Fully Booked caught a glimpse of the afternoon highs that made things in a proper perspective.

It was definitely great to appreciate the day in its wondrous moments in photography there’s nothing that would ever make it all worthwhile.

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