Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Brunch with Singaporean Friends.

04.14.2013 – Post-Komikon high must have given everyone the fuel to last more than 24 hours being beyond satisfied with its success. I have just become partially witness to what comes ahead from this year’s instalment. There were a lot of good books that came out yesterday due to its “children theme” that was quite an impressive feat.

Every year the event raises its bar a notch up and the quality and effort to putting a good comic book in the Philippines has greatly improved that I must say has become something to be proud about the industry. But enough of that as I’m here to share my Sunday with a group of people post event.

I’m just happy to be part of the illustrious group in helping make the event grow and I owe these find gentlemen and women the respect they greatly deserve. I had the opportunity to spend the day with them as well as good friends CT Lim, Otto Fong and Han Seng who were guest speakers during the event’s panel yesterday. I’m happy for these three travellers from the red dot island to experience the excitement of the Philippine comics industry and it was definitely a great time seeing them get excited meeting the local talents.

Of course the brunch was as shall I say quite relaxing to take the relaxation from the high energy that was Summer Komikon. Please do forgive me for being not-so good with the photos during today I just want to capture them in their “natural habitat” of human interaction.

It was difficult getting out of the house with the summer heat boiling the streets as early as 9AM and it was not a friendly sight to experience it but after getting to the meet up point things just started to fall into place. Not to mention seeing the energetic Singaporeans still high with the experience from the convention. We had brunch at the Café de Bonifacio in Podium just near the place they were staying.

It was great having conversations again after seeing them Saturday and I just can’t thank enough for the friendship with CT, Otto, and Han. It was quite inspiring to see these guys talk about their passion in comics even though I’m not really an artist but rather a spectator who appreciate the hobby.

It was cool for Otto and Han presented me another memorable gift and just like last time during their first trip I’m VERY much surprised. I received a cool token in the form of TIN TIN riding in his jeep with three of his friends that was taken from the book Land of Black Gold. It features the Willys MB 1943 jeep that was used in their adventure.

At first I thought it was bought again in SM’s Toy Kingdom eventually when I was checking the plastic bag that Otto handed me included the calling card from where they actually purchased it.

I’m actually familiar about the Tin Tin Shop in Singapore but I never got the chance to make the trip there last year so it was something I would treasure having the gift coming the actual store. So this is my second TIN TIN collectible that I only just started reading two years ago.

Now I’m a bit curious to read some of the books but honestly it will take some time now that I got some stuff I got from the event yesterday that is lining up for me to read in the next few days.

Thanks to Komikon friends with Otto, Han and CT to cap off another great Sunday.

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