Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SPOILER ALERT! 34 Minutes of Into Darkness!

04.24.2013 – It’s been a while since I had my Star Trek fix and obviously I’ve been a casual Trekkie since I was talking about it back in 2009 after acquiring some geek merchandise. Rarely I’d talk about it here but after seeing 34 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness you’ll know how giddy I feel about this film.

The preview was originally screened some two months ago to the press media and currently the actors and production crew are making their rounds promoting the film via the red carpet premieres all over the world.

Last time I saw Zachary Quinto updated his Twitter that they are currently in Sydney Australia. It’s impossible for them to make a Philippine stop but that’s fine most of my fellow Trekkies have been longing to see the sequel that JJ Abrams brought back to mainstream in 2009.

For anyone who’s not into science fiction or has known the Star Trek mythos you can throw it out of the window and enjoy the ride. THIS IS NOT your dad’s Star Trek that has been long been fixture in the popular culture.

If you are going to proceed with what I have to share here PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF A SPOILER ALERT in all caps it might take away the anticipation. But if you’re just a tad curious what was shown during the 34 minutes preview then buckle up…

The preview opens up with JJ Abrams talking about the film and trying to keep it under wraps. Just to be honest by all means HE IS NOT INTERACTIVELY TALKING WITH THE VIEWERS during the preview as contradictory by some who got too much helium seeing this film putting in their online status “he talked to us” but HE DID NOT.

It’s divided into three segments and just like the previous reports the opening sequence takes us to the M-Class Planet Nibiru a pre-warp civilization that the USS Enterprise crew is trying to save before the volcanic eruption can destroy it. This one was included in the 9 minutes preview that Solar Entertainment (the Philippine film distributor for Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios) had shown prior to their screenings.

The sequence opens as Kirk is being chased by the white skinned tribes in their yellow duds who are also trying to kill him. The idea was to lure them out of their little town further away while Spock, Uhura, and Sulu try their best to stop the volcanic eruption.

In the chase Kirk encounters a creature which he kills it by all means the only transportation they have that McCoy have with him. They started running and while they have been chased the sequence shifts to the USS Enterprise on the bottom of the ocean. In the original Star Trek Universe a starship is not used underwater which is a first for a Trekkie knowledgeable about Federation vessels.

They did save the planet and have stopped the volcanic eruption but the tribes have seen the ship submerged to save Spock who got stuck inside the mouth of the volcano.

If you heard of the Prime Directive you’ll get the idea that you don’t play God in changing the destiny of a dying civilization and it’s been a frequent trend among the previous captains in Star Trek to break that rule.

Then the next scene takes you to the part where a couple visits a hospital seeing their dying daughter in life support. This is where Benedict Cumberbatch’s character known as “John Harrison” appears and said that he can save their daughter speaking to the father. He never uttered his name when asked who he was and then the next scene we see a part of London explode.

The second main scene had the Admirals and Captains conduct on a meeting regarding the attack that happened in London as Admiral Marcus speaks to the officers at Starfleet HQ which was interrupted by an attack by John Harrison that took out most of the high ranking officers and it stops there.

The next one was a total shock that definitely put some serious spoilers and it was also seen in the recent trailer where the USS Enterprise is losing altitude and it’s about to crash to Earth. It’s quite interesting to know how it feels to be seeing the main bridge having seatbelts.

The last scene that was quite a tease is the chase through San Francisco between Spock and John Harrison which is quite a surprising this mysterious former Starfleet officer became so powerful.

I guess we have to wait until May 15, 2013 to find out who is this mystery character that was rumored in the comic books to be Captain Robert April (the captain of the Enterprise prior to Pike and Kirk in the animated series).

The long wait will finally be over once it comes out in cinemas next month for now the 34 minutes of preview is enough to give you the anticipation that Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the films to see this summer.

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