Friday, March 29, 2013

The Good Friday Run.

03.29.2013 – It’s Good Friday. Spending the Holy Week within the city and I do mean “staycation.”

The summer is officially here and the sun is bursting bright which I can do right now is drown in my own sweat.

The heat is infuriating at the same time possibly a benefit to get those sweat glands working overtime.

It’s quit in the city and back in the day spending times likes this is best done outdoors and it is a good day to run. Everyone is out of town but still there’s quite a lot of activity happening that’s compared in the past years.

I could be wrong but based in the last 6 or 7 years activity during Holy Week has been shall we say “normal” unlike the time there was no internet and cable TV was not affordable. I remember in those times I can’t stand not having something to watch and playing with action figures have become boring or I’m just running out of creative ideas what’s the next for me to build using my LEGO bricks.

Last year I spent my Holy Week in the province somewhere in Davao Oriental and it was my first since making second visit in 2002. But prior to that time it took me more than five Star Trek pocket books to survive my stay. Those where the days when your looking for a challenge just to get a lot of productive time flowing.

For this Good Friday all I was thinking was the great outdoors just spend the day running at the Ayala Triangle Gardens or just admire some of the unique architectures of the city.

The activities in the streets are vigorously alive compared to the previous years where you can do a cartwheel in the middle of the street. Now it seems like another normal day but minus the contestations of humans and automobiles traversing the city.

It’s been a while since I jogged just too busy with work and other productive things. But after seeing too much stuff online I needed a break and this was something good to start like taking a walk then running in spurts.

It was indeed a Good Friday just finding self reflections run through your thoughts in less than 2 kilometers per hour. After the jog I accompanied a friend who did took a dip at the pool in his place. I would feel like wanting to do the same but I wasn't equipped for me to jump in. But probably hopeful for a next time right now walking back home and seeing some empty streets is rarely seen nowadays.

It’s compared to my 18 days in Korea where Tongyeong City felt like it was in a Holy Week in those times which is quite a lot of nostalgia in there. If you’re living in the city and your stuck don’t feel like being dragged out it.

The best way to spend the Holy Week in your area is find some productive time. There are great ideas just have to be creative and keep things simple.

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