Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revisit Korea 2011: The Comforts of Home Alone in TongYeong City!

03.18.2012 – My first full week in Korea is a very new experience. Anyone who would want to travel to this place would probably end up wanting to go to Seoul but not unknown places like Tong Yeong.

For me this is just one fine place to be right now more than any place everyone wishes to be.

This was my first Friday in an unknown province outside Korea and I’m home alone while everyone is at sea to test the ship they are about to launch in a week. This is going to be one of those nights I’m just hanging out on my own and watching TV shows I don’t understand.

Mostly I was glued to “” a show about video games and if you’re not following their culture Korea takes this interest seriously.

If you are into video games and playing immensely in some hardcore shoot them up or fighting games add the strategy related ones then you must me an all-star. You see in Korea video games is part of their sport and if you’re into it they treat you like celebrity.

I remember playing Starcraft back like almost ten years ago and I never get much good strategy playing the game but in Korea it’s one of their national sports. I could relate a little but I’ve grown up playing the game probably during my free time I would like to try it again. I had a cup of hot ramen for dinner as I watch this game that’s on the X-Box 360 game console feature a pretty face Korean girl dancing to the moves that I hardly can’t compare to the Dance Dance Revolution.

After that’s all behind me and finished my light dinner I decided to brace the cold night and catch the light up bridge that connects Donam-ro to the main downtown of Tong Yeong. I was only carrying the Canon SX210is when I saw it and had several photos taken.

But then again I decided to return home to pick up my Canon EOS 60D for a better shot but once I got there the light up bridge’s blue light was shutdown. I was too late to catch it and have a high resolution image taken.

So it was slightly a fail attempt to capture it in image and would probably see it in the next couple of days. The weekend is finally here even though I’m breezing to the negative three degrees it’s all fine. Perhaps this must be my longest stay in another country to date compared to my last trip at Hong Kong back in 2000 and my three days/four nights in Singapore.

This place is simply phenomenal with the night life is almost the same as the day time but quieter as I stroll for a bit. I look at the lights along the bay and it was still bright which gives a cheerful side to the calm silence of the night.

I went back and took a different route which was the actual regular way of going to the bay side. When I went back where my point of entry is the 7 Eleven store in the neighborhood I caught someone knocked out and completely drunk sleeping behind the fence. This guy had quite a night on his side that he decided to sleep in that part of the fence.

I reached the flat almost midnight where I set up the bed since I’m home alone the place was all for myself and had set the heater up just enough for one warm body to take this a good night. I almost left the television on but its good I had one of those rare adventures just nearby to cap off the start of a new weekend which is my first here in Korea!

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