Thursday, March 28, 2013

That Maundy Thursday Night!

03.28.2013 – Holy Week for most people is getting out of town spending time with family, friends and love ones. For those who would be staying in town back in the day for me was different even before the advent of cable television and the internet you’ll be stuck back to the dark ages.

For the young people in this generation they already have the necessity to un-bored themselves with the access to cable television and the internet.

But for anyone “old-school” I’d like the term enjoying the outdoors as being stuck in the couch is not the way to be productive on a Maundy Thursday.

Just like anyone stuck in town for the rest of the Holy Week I stayed away from the computer at least a few hours to just spend the outdoors on a night like no other.

The Makati City Business District is not like the time when the call center industry was just about booming anywhere in the country. During Holy Week most of the streets are as empty as a ghost town can be.

But after almost nine years being around the city it’s not what you’ll expect. Earlier there are more people around than you can count the taxi cabs lining up in a well known building nearby. The lights are bright as ever are seeing commuters going to work on a Holy Weeks felt like just another night.

Some establishments mostly convenience stores stayed open 24/7 throughout the night and selected underpass routes crossing to another is lit up but with less crowds that you felt like being in a foreign country.

There’s too much adventure you can do on a Holy Week like this better than climbing up mountains for those who just want to spend in a empty city.

It’s like hiking in a jungle the difference is that you’re going through concrete and you’ll see how the city is taking advantage with no traffic to repair the damaged streets. I got out of the house past 10 PM just about the time everyone was about to head to bed.

The night is a bit chili but not cold enough to freeze you just enough for this adventure its more of walking around than jogging. It’s been a while since I had this kind of adventure because I was out of town for the first time in many years to spend Holy Week since as far back in the summer of 2002.

I’m going to miss doing these kinds of nightly adventures as my situation varies every year. For this Maundy Thursday it was more than finding a personal adventure that some might not understand but definitely brings back to the days of my youth.

Getting away from all that technology certainly paid off as having fun on a Maundy Thursday night has simply got me nostalgic.

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