Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gilbert Gottfried in Fifty Shades of Iago!

08.02.2012 – If you reading Fifty Shades of Grey is the bedtime stories for women at night then this might be something you to lose some sleep. Recently Gilbert Gottfried recorded a portion of that sensually famous book on YouTube.

Gottfried who is popularly known as the voice behind that red parrot in Iago from the 1992 Walt Disney animated feature in Aladdin takes to reading Fifty Shades of Grey like cutting metal plates with a rough edged cutting tool. It might be a trauma for some ladies and there some who gets a big laugh out of thinking Jafar’s parrot went nuts.

For all intent of humorous purposes its either you won’t take the parrot seriously or Gilbert Gottfried has finally scored another trauma to anyone who would think of this character from Walt Disney and if you have not seen or heard about this then take a look now…

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