Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Stephen. A Prelude to STGCC?

08.26.2012 – After Mico Suayan’s comic book signing at The Forum in Fully Booked at High Street in Taguig Sandy or Comic Odyssey invited us to dinner at Italianni’s Restaurant just a few shops after Fully Booked. The group that greeted Mico at the store was Stephen Segovia and Jason Paz with their friends. Gab Cheekee of the Filipino band Parokya Ni Edgar with his girlfriend was present.

Mostly before everyone went down for Italianni’s the discussion started with what went down at SDCC 2012 last month with Sandy and Gab’s girlfriend talking about the freebies that Punky picked up during that event.

It was something we all want to dream of going but at least we’re heading to STGCC.

What a way to cap off Sunday evening with Pasta. I had Meatballs and Spaghetti seated in-between Sandy and Stephen Segovia talking about the community and some interesting stuff that has been going around the social media. But most part of the discussion was halted when everyone’s attention was shifted to watching the William Jones Cup 2012 where US VS Philippines.

It was on the fourth quarter seeing LA Tenorio the 5 foot 8 guard took the clutch shot and scored for the country as one of its highlights. It was intense and so was Stephen’s sense of humor about his first trip to New York.

Basically Sandy and his family will be taking a vacation checking out STGCC on Saturday while Mico, Stephen and Jason Paz will be there as a few announced guests for this year’s convention. It would feel great that it’s less than a week to go before the say comes for STGCC. I remember the first time I was there back on August 2009 and what inspired me to do after that.

It’s still fresh that some close friends from Singapore wanted me to be there and we’ll never know IF I get there because right now it’s quite intense if your preparing for something like this that you dreamed all your life. SDCC or WonderCon may be far behind but STGCC would be something to re-live the experience but this time I won’t be alone.

So in-between meals that story were brought up about plans to go to the convention but I’m sure Gab and his girlfriend went to SDCC last month with lots of stories too and they are also heading to the red dot island this week.

There was a brief interruption with the stories when Stephen Segovia was greeted by the Italiannis Staff giving wishing him a Birthday song and an ice cream. He was shocked while I was browsing the pages of Wolverine #312 the third chapter of the Remus storyline which I find disappointing with the news about the origins of Logan being retconned. But Simon Bianchi’s art pretty much sold this book after seeing those splash pages with such bloody detail.

The evening ended with a high note that the Philippines won the William Jones Cup 2012 for the fourth time and the last one was back in 1998 led by Coach Tim Cone. This year’s STGCC is like the Dream Team from 1992 but a collection of talented Filipino artists will be present.

Of course there’s a lot of speculation I’m just making this out that some might think I’m going to appear that I’m joking.

Well… You’ll be the judge of that right? Going or not you all are still going to read my blog posts over the weekend how the coverage would turn out. ;-)

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