Sunday, July 22, 2012

When a Bat came to Hell's Kitchen & a Devil went to Gotham.

07.22.2012 – There’s a few things I talked about that I’m excited to read and anticipate to wait. Admitted I’m a comic book fan but never put “I” myself in the direction of this discussion rather share you something that I find interesting.

The unauthorized company crossover between Batman and Daredevil which I’m sure some of you are excited or having mixed reactions from the big two that won’t even happen. Rarely this would be a discussion here since THIS IS my personal space where I share limited engagements of what I think it’s cool for me other than your usual blog post from here and there.

This goes to what I’m saying that the not-so up and coming comic books from DC Comics and Marvel is one crossover would be cool to happen.

Because almost nine months ago I composed a Toy Photography using a Batman action figure from Takara’s 2004 Microman Series. This teams up with another action figure from Hasbro with the Daredevil action figure from the first series of the Marvel Universe toy line.

I’m not familiar with Dustin Nguyen’s work since I haven’t pick up a comic book for the longest time of two years on a regular basis.

Most of the latest comic books that I had lately where from the recently concluded Komikon: Indieket over the previous weekend, which are from local self-published artists of their creations. The most recent DC Comic I got is from a friend based in The Bay Area who sent me a second issue of Batgirl last December along some of the unopened toys.

This unofficial idea of Nguyen creating his own imaginations astounds me. I admit I’ve seen some of his previous works leaking online but this idea attracts me the most since I’m fan of both characters. But more heavily to Matt Murdock’s alter ego. If it weren’t for David Mazzucchelli and Frank Miller works from the late 1980s comic books won’t be that interesting to read personally.

These artworks sure are convincing that some thought it was true. Then again it’s always free to dream of an idea that maybe both DC and Marvel would probably get a project t to make this a reality. Who knows it’s been one of those “Dream Crossovers” you rarely or even not see.

All I can say if Dustin read’s this blog post just to let you know you just found another fan of your work nicely done.

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