Friday, June 15, 2012

Scottie rips Conan O'Brien’s Jacket.

06.15.2012 – Coco does it again! Our mild-mannered orange haired talk show host Conan O’Brien was having his show broadcast live from Chicago for a week. I haven’t been tuning in lately due to busy time outdoors.

Conan’s latest thought grabbing attention is when he put on a Celtics jacket in front of his Chicago audience being booed terribly. I mean… Dude your wearing a Celtics jacket in front of your audience? Of course the Chicagoans won’t allow that right?

Well our home town hero in the realm of the National Basketball Association (NBA) was there up on stage to a loud ovation.

The clothes and the hairstyle of glam rock was the height of its popularity back then and the production team who handled this did not disappoint in bringing it back to life.

Nope. It’s not MJ. The other six-time Chicago Bulls Champion in Scottie Pippen was there to give Coco a lesson in jacket ripping exhibition and you thought we’re missing a lot lately just watch…

Conan airs on Talk TV in the Philippines and find out more on your local cable listings for exact time and channel number where to tune-in.

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