Friday, June 22, 2012

Kate Upton Does Cat Daddy with Jimmy Fallon.

06.22.2012 – For months now I have read or has seen Jimmy Fallon do all sorts of unique things. Lately he caught my attention when he posted a video collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen using classroom instruments.

This time around Kate Upton the woman who turns dead lonely single souls into rabid men was hosted by Mr. Fallon on the Late Show which originally hosted by Conan O’Brien who I used to watch the show back in the early days of his career.

But after he moved to the Tonight Show and gone on exodus for one-year which brought him to his new show simply called “Conan” and the “Late Show” was forgotten until Jimmy Fallon got the seat.

To cut the long story short Kate Upton was the guest to promote the July 2012 issue of GQ magazine which until now some guys are left aghast and trying to pick their jaws from the floor.

Oh yes Jimmy… The latest iteration of the Late Show is now second sort of favorite US talk show with your creative humor… Not to mention Ms. Upton showing her moves has left some of us wishing we’re in your place.

Based on the cover issue the summer in the United States will be hotter than how hated The Miami Heat in winning the franchise second NBA Championship. Not that I’m rooting for the same team. But the Popsicle Ms. Upton is devouring right now reminds us some colors of the Oklahoma City Thunder the former Seattle Sonics team which we’re still hoping to get a new arena to resurrect the fable green and gold.

Now that we’re getting lost in the topic of Kate Upton’s GQ cover for July 2012 I’m sure we’re not distracting anyone as the behind-the-scenes video would leave us drooling in all those pages.

But it’s going to be a long shot to own that cover issue for now being content with the SI Swimsuit Edition will be enough to hope for that we see this magazine gets lost at Book Sale which would be rare since most of the back issues are Maxim.

Maybe in the future Kate Upton would grace that glossy magazine in Maxim with a spread that would make the Grand Canyon that doesn’t have a deep crevice as deep as those hypnotically huge mountains hers.

GQ magazine’s July 2012 is out right now in your local newsstand and better pick a fresh one you’ll never know how hot the summer will be when those pages gets sticky.

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